Security Cameras Installation

Did you know every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed? And only 13% of all reported burglaries are cleared due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence?

Installing surveillance systems is both an art and a science, which is a concept very few installers really understand.

Here at PCandCameras we know that protecting your love ones and your property begins with providing quality installation services and ends with an easy-to-use cutting edge surveillance security camera system.

After installing hundreds of security cameras over the years we feel strongly about the following statements:
  • Your wires should not be seen, which seems to be a foreign concept (your wires must be protected in a conduit system against vandalism and the elements).installer
  • Using the right type of cameras virtually eliminates theft and protects your investment (especially outdoor surveillance cameras, which in some areas get stolen again after being replaced).
  • Your cameras should blend in to some environments and stand out like a sore thumb in others (you wouldn’t install cameras in a check cashing business like you would install them in a business office).
  • You must be able to obtain clear and identifiable images after an event happens (it is imperative that you are able to clearly see a license plate number, a person’s face, an identifiable tattoo, etc. after an incident).
  • Your system must have an easy to use interface so that you can learn to use it in minutes (would you believe that some systems have a 300 page manual that you have to learn in order to get the most out of their system).