Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras

Wired Security Cameras    PROS Does  not allow signal interference Difficult to jam Cannot be hacked remotely Uses a battery backup in a power outage Better choice for a large home   CONS More difficult to install, requires drilling holes Requires professional installation Fixed in place after installation Harder to conceal cameras Wireless Security Cameras    PROS Quick […]

Introducing Google Wifi

The Wi-Fi in your home should be fast and seamless, so you can enjoy everything the internet has to offer. That’s why  Google Wifi was designed. What Google Wifi does (and why it’s cool) Google Wifi is a new type of home Wi-Fi system that replaces your traditional router and provides seamless, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout […]

Powerline networking: what you need to know

Most people have a wireless network in their home these days. So you might think that Powerline networking (aka HomePlug), which uses your home’s electrical wiring as a wired data network, is an outdated and redundant technology. But you’d be wrong. Yes, Wi-Fi is convenient and fast − 802.11n technology is widespread and the newest […]

Open Router ports & Their Security Implication

An open router port is the term used to refer to a virtual door allowing specific data in or out of  your router. One example of a port is the most popular port 80. Port 80 is used for HTTP or Web traffic. If port 80 is closed outbound for your computer, then you would […]

Connect to your home pc/dvr form anywayre using DDNS

Have you ever found yourself at a friend’s house, wishing you could access the music on your computer? Or maybe you wish it was easier to connect to your VNC share from web cafes or your office? Maybe you’ve even tried writing down your IP address before leaving home specifically so you could connect? The […]

Types of IP Cameras

Internet protocol (IP) cameras are webcams used for surveillance. They are digital video cameras that transmit data over a local network or the Internet. IP cameras make it possible to remotely monitor a security system. Each type of IP camera is ideal for specific purposes. For example, dome IP cameras are made for outdoor use, […]

Differences Between DVR’s and NVR’s

Much is written about Megapixel and IP security cameras, and justifiably so—with their ability to provide vividly clear images and valuable evidence to authorities, for instance. When Megapixel/IP cameras are discussed, not always does recording and storage come up.  Often times, the topic is about the aforementioned level of clarity. With analog cameras, their counterparts, […]