About Us

Designing and putting surveillance systems together to suit your need is no simple task. One might think he/she can pick up a camera system at his/her local  store such as Costco, B’Js or best buy etc, and put it together quickly case close. But there’s more to it than that. Cameras sold at these locations are in most cases low-end, analog  systems that come with premade cables that will restrict installation locations. In other words, if your camera has to be place 100 feet away form your DVR but your cables are only 60 feet what do you do then? Here at PCandCameras our IP High Definition systems are the latest state of the art products that are customized to suit your needs.

PCandCameras will build your cables based on the placement of each camera thereby allowing a clean reliable optimal install. In addition,  our cables are run inside an EMT or PVC conduit system to vandal-proof and weatherproof them. Moreover, we’ll configure the system for you and provide a brief tutorial as to how to use it thereby preventing you from sifting through manuals or searching online to find out how to use the features of your new system.  Wait there’s more, we’ll setup your smart phone, tablet or computer for remote view so you can monitor your property and love ones from wherever you are. In other words we provide a hassle-free setup for you.

We pride ourselves in our installs and as a result most if not all the work we acquire comes to us through referrals. We believe that satisfied customers create the next install job for us as they recognize the great job we do in pricing and workmanship.

Our primary line of business is Security Cameras Installation but we are also a certified computer repair specialist. Click here for important camera installation info and here for computer repair info.